Friday The 13th

Okay for my first blog I thought I’d talk about the series I’m currently watching Friday The 13th . I really like this series and I know alot of fans have an issue with the continuity of the series mainly the status of Jason’s mask through the series . did a story about this and my thought on this is if your watching these films and your main issue is the design , style and/or damage to Jason’s mask your missing the point of these films . Isn’t the point of a horror movie to scare you and make you feel uncomfortible ? Friday The 13th does that , I have seen these films atleast 20 times each and I watch them and I see different things that I didn’t see before . also ranked all 12 films in the series I will rank my TOP SIX Fridays and give a short reason why I like them followed by a BOTTOM FIVE that I didn’t like and a short reason why .

TOP FIVE Friday The 13th Movies

1. Friday The 13th

I have a soft spot for the originl because it was the begining of the telling of this great story .

2. Friday The 13th Part IV : The Final Chapter

I liked this one because it was the begining of the battle between Jason and Tommy Jarvis which would span over three films .

3. Jason X

I know I’ll get alot of crap from the internet horror community for this but I enjoyed this film because it was something new , fresh and interesting . which leads me to the next film .

4. Friday The 13th Part VIII : Jason Takes Manhattan

This was a good film for the same reason I liked Jason X it takes place some where other then Camp Blood , okay not alot of it actually takes place in NYC however most of the film is away from Camp Blood so it adds something to the story .

5. Friday The 13th (2009)

I love this film because they took the best ideas from the first four films in the original series and put them all in one film , great story telling and the kills were good too .

6. Friday The 13th Part 2

I like this film because of course it introduces Jason as the killer and I enjoyed the Ginny character as well they way she outsmarts Jason was a great addition to the story .

NOW the BOTTOM FIVE Friday The 13th Films .

1. Jason Goes to Hell

I dislike this one because it’s just really weird and far fetched that Jason could control people by them swallowing his heart along with the born by a Voorhees die by a Voorhees thing turned me off as well .

2. Friday The 13th Part V : The New Begining

I disliked this one because for one it’s not really Jason doing the killing it’s the Paramedic who’s pissed that his kid was killed at the half way house , it begs the question where was Jason during all of this ?

3. Friday The 13th Part 3 in 3D

I disliked this movie because I don’t think 3D is always the bes thing to do to a movie , all the best 3d affects in the world can’t make a story better . that being said the story was good I just don’t think the 3d helped it all that much .

4. Friday The 13th Part VI : Jason Lives

This is where the series takes a weird turn , I don’t mind that the lighting bolt brings Jason back to life but I don’t like the “Zombie” Jason I mean if you watch Freddy VS Jason it is said that Jason’s gift is that he can NEVER truely DIE , so if you go with that logic Jason isn’t brought back to life by the lightning he is just woken up . I guess it works out .

5. Friday The 13th Part VII : The New Blood

Where do I begin with this one ? I don’t like the Telekinesis BS with the Tina Shapard character that whole storyline makes this film hard to watch .

Now as you’ll see Freddy VS Jason isn’t on either list that is because I don’t consider that film as a part of either franchise . I LOVED Freddy VS Jason don’t get me wrong the kills were good and the story was interesting for sure . that movie was the biggest film of any film in either franchise . and I really liked the ending which left the question who really won the fight ?


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